Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Slimming Products

You know how it is that our television sets and newspapers are all inundated with fat advertisements advertising slimming products: Fiona Xie (a local artiste employed with the local television monopoly) cut-outs fronting stores selling slimming products.

Logic would have dictated that slimming products would have rendered fitness equipments obsolete the moment they were introduced: that is, if they had actually worked!

Often, the advertisements in the newspapers and commercials all come tagged with a minute line of text conspicuously hidden in the bottom left-hand corner. They usually read, "works only with a sensible diet and exercise regime".

Sensible diet? How do we define what is "sensible"? Drinking some nasty tasting formula mixed with water for meal-time? Perhaps they really meant that dieters should exercise regularly along with their products.

But doesn't that defeat the purpose of slimming products? They are supposed to be helping you slim down without effort on your part, are they not? (And I am going to strangulate myself if I use another rhetorical question for the rest of this post.)

In actual fact, it has already been proven that the most effective way to achieve a healthy body (including slimming down that spare tyre around your waist) is to get off your butt, and move it!

Slimming products are mere gimmicks: their functionality is totally latched upon your exercise regime, and have absolutely no effect upon your body. Short of the well-documented placebo effect, of course.

I'll just use plain water as my placebo, thank you very much. It works well, and contains actual benefits to the body!

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