Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don't play Dare with things beyond your control

The weather played Dare with me today, and it won.

At around 3pm, I took a look outside my window to see menacing dark clouds already gathered about 3km above the ground in the horizon — and I chose to laze around on my bed. (The merits of having afternoon naps are still debatable, but meanwhile, my past-time from camp still rules my roost).

Then as the inevitable 4 pm came about, I decided to take action, as what those motivation books have always drawled on and on about. The clouds came swiftly just as I reached the bus stop. It was a "Detour" — a choice between two tasks, each with its pros and cons.

First: Go home. The weather looks like it could diahrea for another 3 more days.
Second: Press on. As Napolean Hill mentioned in his book, "Think and Grow Rich", the sucessful always make their mind quick, and are slow to change them.

The bus arrived at this time, so I decide to go with Napolean, in the valiant hope that the weather would hold until I finished my swim.

No such luck. The moment the bus moved out of the bus stop, heavy droplets started pelting down mercilessly upon the roof of the bus (and my heart, which sank).

Well, so much so for procrastination.

I stayed on the bus all the way to the interchange to make the return trip without getting wet.

The moment I got on that bus, the rain started to slow, and eventually stopped when I reached my starting point.

Moral of the story? Don't play Dare with things beyond your control, because you really are not in control!

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