Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Infantry Scout

I was quite amazed to find the days fleeting past so quickly! The computer clock shows that it is Tuesday right now, but when I check it again, it surely will show Tuesday again (next week, I mean). Time sort of creeps up on me now that I am having fun at home.

The flab is coming back with a vengance, I am sure of it. Not only does it look more menacing than it ever did, I can't really sit down in a chair comfortably without the announcement of it's presence. And my trip to the swimming pool today actually made me doubt if I am actually actually the "elite of the battalion". I am sure you would be if your belly did heaved a jiggle right when you took off your shirt in the public changing room.

So I went on a binge: an obsession with clocking laps. I swam continuously for more than 16 rounds, which made me quite tired, like a dog running on a treadmill for hours.

So, a dog is a scout? Or are scouts dogs? (Check out results 3 to 8)

By the way, result number 2 does not look very reassuring to me...


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