Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese New Year

Do you get the feeling that Chinese New Year has turned into some sort of a meaningless gathering for relatives to drop by, run through the motions of asking after each other (sometimes with such lack of interest that it makes the entire exercise an oxymoron, if not an outright farce)?

I didn't notice it the previous year or so, but these few Chinese New Years, I've noticed the glaring hole amongst the polite conversation: cousins who say "Hi", and remain silent for the rest of the entire visit.

The silence made me uncomfortable, and I decided to put some of the shows that I downloaded from the Internet on to kill the discomfort (terrestrial television at this time of the year is so dull, it just exacberates the scary silence).

The laughter that results is a welcome relief, though I know that it is one of the worst kind of ice-breakers ever available. Anything that breaks the monotony would work fine. Plus, it gave me a chance to put my new computer through its paces.

But have we all drifted so far apart from each other that possibly, the only glue holding the entire visit up is my dear grandmother, who happens to be living with us.

I still remember being the second youngest along Father's side of the family (Brother is the youngest). I remember having sustained conversations with my aunts and uncles.

Come to think of it, all went downhill the year I got my very first computer...


Anonymous Bing said...

True la but we haf to create our own atmosphere one.

Notice how the elders can talk better while the young ones (cousins) always talk less?

We must try to shed that 'act cool' mentality and try to talk. I know it's hard if it's one-way.

But try it. The rewards might be amazing!

Monday, January 30, 2006 12:32:00 PM  

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